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City Council fails to reach agreement on Airbnb regulations

On Tuesday, December 12, the San Diego City Council failed to come to an agreement on regulations for short-term rentals. The San Diego City Council started working on establishing coherent regulations three years ago when applications such as AirBnb, FlipKey, and HomeAway began to take off.

The council heard two proposals followed by five hours of public comments during the ten-hour meeting, but could not reach a majority vote for either of them. This frustrated some councilmembers.

“I’m very disappointed today,” Councilman Scott Sherman told the San Diego Union Tribune. “We’re like a dysfunctional family.”

Both sides are aiming to resolve zoning conflicts by nailing down who can receive rental permits and under what circumstances, but are split on the details.

Proponents of firmer regulations claim that apps like AirBnb cause a surge in housing and rental prices, which can drive out families and deteriorate longstanding communities. Other tenant-related complaints say that loud parties, littering, and overcrowding are becoming more prominent in their neighborhoods.

7 Things to Expect from a Trustworthy Mortgage Broker


Purchasing a home is a process that must be done right since mistakes can be costly. Because of this, you’ll need to partner with experts such as loan officers or real estate agents who have an intimate understanding of the industry to guide you along the right path and assist you as needed. Here are 7 things that you can expect from a professional and trustworthy mortgage broker.

Educate and Guide

Your mortgage broker or loan officer should help guide you through the loan process with your best interest in mind. This begins with educating you about the process and laying out a game plan. A great mortgage broker will work with you to find out exactly what your current and future home buying needs are and how to best fulfill them. This means that they will not only inform you of all loan programs currently available to you in your situation, but also explain what each program means and the long-term outcome of choosing each option.

Be Transparent About Rates and Loan Costs


There are many costs associated with ...

Simple Gifts for Less Than $20

Dec 12
Category | General

Simple Gifts for Less Than $20



The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means that many of us are going gift shopping. However, we can't get always big-ticket items for everyone on our lists. Here are some of the many affordable gift options that you can take advantage of.

Personalized flash drive

Flash Drive

When you give the gift of a flash drive, you can personalize it for the person who is receiving it. You can turn it into a digital mixtape by adding albums or a playlist to the drive. You can include movies, PDFs, and anything other digital content that you think the receiver will love!

USB Reading Lamp

USB Lamp

A Look Back at November 2017

Dec 11
Category | General

A Look Back at November 2017

The top San Diego economy news stories, real estate statistics, bond rates, stock indices, and more for the month of October:

  • The congressional tax reform bill is set to do away with mortgage interest tax deductions.
  • Plans by the VA to cut funding for housing homeless veterans have been reversed after public outcry.
  • 63% of all homeowners with a mortgage now have positive equity on their home (meaning that they owe less than their home’s value).
  • The median sales price of all San Diego homes was $540,000, which is 1.9% lower than last month and 4.25% higher than last year.
  • There were 3,139 home sales in November, which is 19.35% higher than October and .57% less than last November.
  • The median number of days on the market was 25 days, which is up 19.04% from October and down 10.71% from last year.
  • 24.1% of the homes sold in November were sold for higher than their listing price, which is down 5.49% from October. However, this is a whopping 13.15% difference from last year’s ...

What's Determines Mortgage Rates (and How Can I Get a Better One)?

When financing what will probably be the largest purchase you will ever make (a home), mortgage interest rates are at the center of the discussion, and for good reason. The mortgage rate will show the cost of borrowing that money. If you’ve followed mortgage rates in the past, then you know that they fluctuate on a daily basis just like the stock market, but what is behind that fluctuation? We will discuss how mortgage rates are determined and how to get a better mortgage rate. Some of these indicating factors are in your control while others are not.

In Your Control

Property Type

Did you know that the property type you decide to buy will have a small influence on the mortgage rate you receive? Purchasing land, a house, a condo, town-home, or even if the house is in a gated community often referred to as a “Planned Unit Development”. Although the rate difference between purchasing a condo or a house will not be too much, ...

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